Change is only successful if the targets have changed their behaviour. Many Change projects fail because only aspects like time, budget, scope and (technical) quality are managed. These are aspects of Project Management, not of Change Management.  Based on the latest insights from organisations like McKinseyGartner and Harvard  we have developed an effective approach to Change. Although you cannot outsource Change Management, because the leaders of an organisation remain accountable for the Change, we can support you with our knowledge and expertise. Our effective approach will give you the approach, the tools and the insights to make Change and adoption successful again. Change Management is crucial to realise the benefits of many projects like :

- Software-implementation (ERP, SharePoint)
- Quality Management system
- Business process redesign
- SHE awareness campaigns
- Security and data protection programs

The policy, processes and procedures or tools might be great, it all relies on the engagement of people making use of it. What is the level of their trust and commitment towards the improvement?

Our approach

We don't believe in hiring a Change consultant or Change manager to do the job. He or she will spend many hours working on site to get to know the people and the organisation before they will reach any results. Our approach is based on the realisation of your change goals. These goals are mostly about awareness, engagement, commitment and behaviour of the target group. Our plan-do-check-act approach will measure these aspects and initiate the most effective interventions to realise improvements. We will develop the most effective customised approach for your organisation. Our knowledge and experience in managing Change projects over 20 years adds to it, but most important is you will be in control again.
Our service consists of a package which contains:

  • New fact-based controls support the success rate of your performance initiatives
  • Change reporting
  • Change workshops and training
  • Consulting and interventions wherever necessary

  • Our knowledge and expertise is based on more than 20 years of Change Management experience in many organisations worldwide. Are you the next one?