It is not always easy to communicate a strong and compelling message. However the success of your work in many cases depends on it. You might have done a great job to create a solution or you have a the best idea for improvement, to realize the outcome you need to convince others like your colleagues, the customer, the management or your audience. This course shows you how to communicate a message in the most effective way. This 2 day training will not only teach you the theory of Storytelling, but also how to apply it. The training is hands on with many practical exercises and possibilities to train your skills.

By applying what you have learned:

  • You are able to create a strong and compelling message in writing or presenting
  • You are able to translate a complex story into an easy and understandable message for your audience
  • You will learn how to present your message and captivate your audience
  • You will learn how to structure your message in a way your audience will both understand and remember it better
  • You will be able to create an effective (Powerpoint) presentation

Concepts and skills we learn:

  • Apply the appropriate structure to your story
  • Storyboard technique
  • Discussion techniques
  • Presenting skills
  • Debating skills
  • Writing skills


The methodology and related training are focused on a bachelor or academic level audience with at least 1 years of relevant working experience.

  • All professionals that have to sell their concepts and ideas
  • Specifically professionals like Consultants, (Project) Managers, Sales reps, Solution Architects and R&D professionals

Course details:

Course length: 2 days

Please check our calender for updates: Calendar
Investment : € 1.450,- (VAT excluded)
  • Including all course materials
  • Including lunches and beverages

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Our training offer:

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