Consulting Methodology offers worldwide coverage for strategic consultancy and training. We are the Consulting and Management of Change specialist and combined our knowledge and expertise in 4 out of the box solutions, ready to support you.

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The Change Performance Monitor

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Getting grip on Change initiatives is not easy. Many Change projects fail and studies from Gartner and IDC show us the human factor is key. The Change Performance Monitor (CPM)* offers…

Change Management

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Change is only successful if the targets have changed their behaviour. Many Change projects fail because only aspects like time, budget, scope and (technical) quality are managed. These are aspects…

Consulting Led Selling

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Consulting Led Selling is about increasing revenue and customer retention. It is about shifting from selling products and services to being a trusted adviser for your customers. Traditional sales wisdom…

Issue Based Consulting

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Many professionals worldwide use methodical approaches, often based on best-practices, to structure their work. To learn this profession you can get education and if you master it, you can even…