Consulting Led Selling

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Consulting Led Selling is about increasing revenue and customer retention. It is about shifting from selling products and services to being a trusted adviser for your customers.

Traditional sales wisdom is dying. Selling products becomes more difficult because customers are better organised and informed then a decade ago. Most sales decisions are made internally before they reach out to you for your products or services. Sales has turned into compliance. If you comply to the specs or scope of work of your customer and your price is the lowest, you might end up with a deal. After delivering the agreed product or scope of work, you may leave again, customer retention is low. The best you can hope for is that you will be invited to propose a price again next time.

Would it be great if customers call you to discuss their future plans and how you can help them? Your ideas and knowledge will be integrated in the new plans and finally you will both work together to reach results. This is what Consulting Led Selling can bring you.

Consulting Led Selling is an integrated approach for business development. The latest wisdom of Sales,  Consultancy, (Project) Management and Change Management are brought together in one end-to-end approach. It facilitates you in connecting to new and current clients on all levels. By connecting their ambitions and problems to your added value, you will reach a position as trusted advisor. You are there long before the actual purchase process or tendering process takes place.

This integrated framework offers 4 elements:

  • Insight Selling : After solution selling, consultative selling and RAIN selling comes Insight Selling. Based on their latest research and published in Harvard Business review, the RAIN group discovered the most effective B2B sales approach.
  • Issue Based Consulting : The most used effective, professional consultancy approach available at the moment. As being used by many reputable Consultancy firms like McKinsey, Booz and PWC.
  • Storytelling :How to convince and engage your audience. Turn your idea into actions of others.
  • Management of Change : Manage the implementation and adoption f your new ideas and plans.

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