Training: Consulting Led Selling

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The training Consulting Led Selling offers you the skills to connect your knowledge and expertise to the strategy of your customers and develop the right solutions to solve their problems. It also helps you to convince the client to accept your solution. Eventually, you must also be able to manage change. Only by changing the customers current status quo your are able to realise the benefits.

Consulting Led Selling is a combination of skills and theory. That’s why our courses are practical and based on real life case examples. You learn by doing.

Our integrated approach consists of 4 main elements and offers the value of all our other training courses in one course.

  • Insight Selling : RAIN Group’s research provides us the fundamentals and techniques to become a change agent for the customer and a sales winner.
  • Issue Based Consulting : The professional approach to consultancy as adopted by McKinsey. BCG, Booz Allan, PWC and IBM Consulting.
  • Storytelling :   A powerful way of communicating.  Stories are illustrative, easily memorable, and allow any firm to create stronger emotional bonds with the customers.
  • Management of Change : Realize the learning potential of an organisation by successfully implementing new ideas and concepts and make it happen.

Concepts and skills we learn:

  • Consulting Led Selling
  • Insight Selling
  • The Customer Decision Journey
  • Product push versus Solution pull
  • Dealing with objections and barriers
  • Problem analysis
  • Develop the best solution
  • Create buy-in
  • Storytelling (how to create a good story)
  • Effective Presentations (storyboards)
  • Consulting skills
  • Presentation skills
  • How to manage Change


Though it will help professionals to gain more business. Consulting Led Selling is not a sales course, it is about gaining business by solving problems and building trust and commitment based on your knowledge and expertise. This can be done by sales professionals but ideally by consultants, managers, and other professionals in the field.

The methodology and related training is focused on a bachelor or academic level audience with at least 5 years of relevant working experience. The training is beneficial for:

  • Experienced professionals who want to enter the field of consulting.
  • Consultants who want to expand their expertise with a new method to improve their commercial approach and increase their revenue on assignments.
  • Experienced consultants who seek an innovative approach to create more value for their customers.

 Course details:

Course length:  5 days

Course dates:  see calendar

Investment :  € 2.795,-  (VAT excluded)

Our training offer:

Contact us for your customized In-Company training offer. Or look at our calender for an open course in your area.


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